Here at leah's little learners, we do a wide range of books from educational books, wipe clean, early readers, to fun activity books to help keep boredem at bay. a little something to suit everyones taste. 

      We supply books for all ages from babies up to older readers 13-14 year olds and some for even older.

      If there is a particular interest you are looking for please feel free to contact me from here, or from facebook page and i will do my very best to help.

                                 ARTS AND CRAFTS

We totally love crafts here at leah's little learners and always like trying something new. we supply a nice variety of fun arts and crafts activities as well as some pretty cool art supplies.

        Have a browse on the shop page and see if anything takes your fancy.

   I love to add to this section regularly including some great seasonal or themed crafts 


Games & Puzzles can be so much fun but also great for childrens' Development.

        Puzzles help develop physical, cognitive and emotional skills whiles Games are great for learning skills such as turn taking, communications, they also help to increase their focus and attention span, plus learning that life, just like a game we never give up 

                             GARDEN FUN:

Playing outside and in the garden is great for children ( and us big children lol ) but making it fun does not alwasys need to be big expensive play equipment.

        Here you will find a variety of items that are not only amazing fun and great learning/ developent but also easy on the purse 


Here you will find a selection of cool or fun items that will help with education and learning.


      Perfect for home educators or just for giving a little extra help at home.

                                         SALE :

The sale section will contain all the great stock i have reduced to clear.


   Most items will only have one or two of each in stock, so be quick, as when its gone its gone.....


I couldn't really leave out accessories........everyone loves accessories right???

  So if your looking for cool novelty items or character related stock. such as towels, bags, hats and more, look no further :)


Childrens' development starts from day one, their first year is a prime time for learning.

      In the section you will find, rattles, teethers, toys and bankets plus anything that will help babies in their most important development satge 


Role play stimulates their imagination and work on their social development, making it a vital play activity for all ages.


     What makes it really help is if they are enjoying themselves and having fun. 


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